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Steel Pan

These steel pan examination grades have been developed by Dr Jill Scarfe, David Griffiths, steel pan teacher and arranger (UK) and Terry Noel J.P. (the Steel Band Advisory Service) in consultation with Robert Thompson, steel pan composer and arranger (Trinidad) and  on behalf of the Pandit Ram Sahai Sangit Vidyalaya and validated by the Open College Network Credit4learning.  OCN Credit4learning is licensed by the British government to validate examination courses and to moderate them. These grades equate to the National Framework of Qualifications (UK) where Grade 3 is Level One, grade 5 is Level Two (GCSE level) and grade 8 is Level Three, (A level).  

This syllabus has been written for the Tenor Pan.  The same content will be available for the Double Second pan in the very near future.  If there is demand, this work will be extended to cover other instruments of the Pan family. 

Please click on the link below to download Steel Pan (Tenor Pan) syllabuses:

Steel Pan (Tenor Pan) syllabuses

Examination Materials (notations, recordings etc.)
Examination Materials
A One-Off fee for the use of the materials for examinations costs £25.  These materials can be used for all candidates being entered for a specified level by one teacher, covering one examination period. On receipt of payment the following material covering all grades for your requested level will be emailed to you:
Notated pieces and strumming patterns (PDF files)
Recorded pieces and strumming patterns (MP3 files)
Scales and arpeggios (PDF files)

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